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General Mechanical

Compression in Rubber Seal

    • Tez123


      I am working on this particular problem where compression of rubber seal is should be determined

      Modelling Technique,

      I have made Cover (translation Joint), housing (grounded joint) as Rigid seal and Bush (translation Joint), as Flexible. Assigned the rubber elements to seal Defined bonded contact between seal and cover, seal and housing, seal and bush, and Frictionless contact between the seal and bush.

      Loading Technique,

      Step-1 Compression in seal due to cover,

      Gap between the housing and cover is 0.4 mm. Cover is moved 0.4 mm and seal is compressed.

      Step-2 Compression in seal due to Bush

      Initial Gap between bush and housing or play is 0.07 mm

      Method:1 Bush is moved 0.06 mm up compression is observed in seal

      Method:2 When Pressure is applied on the bush it should compress the seal after seal got stiffer it should stop but bush is crossing the cover and coming out.

      I have tried to the contact from asymmetric to symmetric.


      Please help me to solve this problem,


      Thanks and Regards




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