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compressive strength test on cubic concrete

    • stan ih


      Hello,currently im doing research as mentioned. just want to test on the plain concrete of M35 and validate with the real experimental of cubic concrete. so, can anyone help me which one of the analysis system that suitable for the testing..

      1) is that explicit dynamic or something else??

      2) is that possible to see the failure on the cubic block like the picture as attached if I choose to do in static structural?


    • htozam

      1. It will be explicit diynamic if you want to "see" it crushing. 

      2. You will not be able to "see" crushing in static structural. 

    • peteroznewman

      2. You can see cracks if you use SOLID65 elements and CONCR material model.  The problem is that model is very sensitive to mesh density.

      One could argue there are more important attributes of an experimental result than cracks to compare with a simulation result, such as the load-displacement curve.  You can have a simulation that matches the curve very well, but doesn't show any cracks.

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