Compute derivative with respect to a parameter in Q2D

    • ZiadHatab


      I want to know. Is it possible to compute derivatives in Q2D in a similar way as done in HFSS? To be clear I'm not talking about sensitivity analysis in Optometric (I'm aware that Optimetric is available in Q2D). I'm talking about analytical derivatives as discussed in the reference paper I found in HFSS help file [1]. So, in HFSS there is an option to enable derivative computation in the analysis setup, but I don't see this option in Q2D? Is it because it is not possible in Q2D?

      If derivative computation, like in HFSS, is not possible in Q2D, is there other ways to compute derivatives in Q2D? (excluding Optimetric)



      [1] L. Vardapetyan, J. Manges, Z. Cendes, "Sensitivity Analysis of S-parameters Including Port Variations Using the Transfinite Element Method", 2008 IEEE International Microwave Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia, June 2008.

    • Dan Dvorscak
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Ziad. Unfortunately the 2D Extractor does not compute analytic derivates the way HFSS does. I'm not sure of the exact limits for this. But in the paper you reference on the HFSS method computes the derivatives in the s-matrix. The 2D Extractor natively computes RGLC matrices per unit length, not s-matrices, so that may be a part of it. But again, this functionality does not exist. The only derivate info we have for the 2D Extractor is what is available through Optimetrics. If that is not sufficient, you will probably have to work with full 3D designs in HFSS.
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