Compute Max Parameters and Export Near Field Data in PyAEDT

    • Damiano Caponi


      for some applications I need to export near field data in a csv file. I usually do it very simply by right-clicking in the near field radiation setup --> Compute Max Parameters. Then, I select all the options (e.g. E or H field, frequency, design variation) and export data to file. I would like to do it automatically using PyAEDT.

      I have been reading PyAEDT documentation and trying some potential solutions but I couldn´t find the right method yet.

      Does anyone already know if there is a way to do it?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee


      Please note that PyAEDT comes under open source, so we would like to advise you to post in Git Hub under discussions. You can post your query in the following link - Discussions · pyansys/pyaedt · GitHub.

      Thank you,

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