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    • danielc358

      Good evening!!!

      What is the minimum computer configuration and recommended to make an FSI analysis?



    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Good evening danielc358, that's a great question.

      The answer depends on the complexity of the model, the size of each of the fluid and structural domains, the complexity of the structure's motion. 

      If you are just getting started with a more basic FSI simulation, then I suggest a 64-bit dual core machine with 8 GB-RAM as a good starting point. The Wind Turbine example on SimCafe is a good place to start.

      Generally more is better, so more RAM, faster processor, more cores, more drive space and faster hard drive will allow you to handle more complex simulations. My experience is that adding more RAM provides the best return on investment, at least initially.  

      Are you in the process of specifying a new machine to purchase, or looking to upgrade an existing machine?

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