“Concatenate Curves” option in ICEM have Messed up the Geometry

    • Sakun

      Hello everyone,

      I am meshing a compressor blade through Ansys ICEM and i have to Concatenate Curves option in "Geometry->Create/Modify Curve" . 
      Before i use that option, curves were align with the points (A attachment) but after i have applied Concatenate Curves (B attachment) , leading edge and Trailing edge side curve are out of the assigned points.
      This is a huge problem, for me when i try to create extrude the domain+ blade.

      Can someone please help me to solve this problem ? 

      Thank you for your time,

    • Essence
      Ansys Employee


      Try to add more number of points in the where the curve is deviating from it's intended region. This is also possible if there is gap more than the set tolerance between the curves. Therefore, also check your geometry.

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