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concrete beam

    • ansys8

      Hi everyone!

      I am trying to model a two concrete beams by applying a load and do the modal analysis and harmonic response

      i want my first beam to be undamaged, and the other beam is damaged by viewing the cracks

      1)in the undamaged beam i applied a nodal force in the center of the beam, two fixed supports, and i got a frequency of 538.62 hz(i used the concrete material in the library)

      2)in the damaged beam(same force,supports) i wanted to reduce the elasticity modulus and changing the stiffness in the middle of the beam, so i can get to see the cracks, and get a different frequency, but i couldn't do this, so i used solid65 element, and i got a frequency of 718 hz

      so i want to know if there is a way to play with the stiffness value in ansys, and how does solid65 work, how did the cracks appear? when i run the analysis are the assigned values for the concrete in the library will be used? because i noticed if i keep the material as a structural steel, it uses the values of the steel even through the command is there, is there a way which i can change the stiffness in the code? i tried to change some values but nothing has changed.

      thank you



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