Condensation r134 vapor Vof model

    • Vanelle Noumbiap


      I simulate the condensation of r134 vapor into r134 liquid. I create the mass transfer in the vof model.R134 vapor inters at a temperature of 320 K and the saturation temperature is 308 K. After calculations, there is a temperature exchange but the transfer of mass r134 vapor to r134 liquid has not taken place. I've bien working on this project for weeks and i dont know why it doesnt work. However, i managed to model the evaporation of liquid r134 into vapor r134. I set the standard enthalpy of r134 liquid to zero and that of vapor r134 to 1.7e+07 but i have an error because ansys tells me that the latent heat must not be negative. Can you help me please ?

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee


      Can you attach some screen grabs of the domain? Is the condensation expected over a wall?

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