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Conditional Boundary Conditions (Thermal Transient)

    • wesd

      Dear All

      I am simulating heat flow through different materials (Ansys 2021 R2, Transient-Thermal Module) and woud like to try and model the boundary condtions which result from a temperature control system, i.e: 1) 'heat-up' via a heat flow through a surface, followed by 2) holding the surface at a certain temperature once a target temperature of the surface has been reached.

      I am assuming that there is someway to switch between 'heat flow' to a 'constant temperature' boundary definition on the same surface which occurs on the condition that a specified surface temperature has been reached. However this is not immediately obvious via the gui/available menus

      Does this Require the use of APDL and If-statements ? or is there another strategy ? Can anybody point me towards any resources where something similar has been done ?

      Any help would be much appreciated, Regards wesd

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee
      you can use combin37 element which has on/off capability. Please check the details at
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