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Conditional support/ load

    • AliMahvan

      In my analysis, I want to define a conditional rule that if the deformation on a surface exceed a specific number, then another support or loads applies to the model. Is it possible with Ansys workbench static structural?

      The definition of real problem is:

      In an assembly structure there is column. There is clearance between the column and another part. If the deformation of the column exceed the clearance, another supports will be added to the column.

    • peteroznewman

      Put another part in the model and add Frictional Contact between the column and the other part. At the start of the simulation, there will be a gap, and as the load increases, the gap will be reduced. When contact is made, the other part will take the load.  Make a sketch if it would help to explain how you want this to work.

      Insert a Contact Tool in the Connections folder and Evaluate Initial Contact Status. If the status is Far Open, the contact will not work. It has to be Near Open. You get to that status be typing in a Pinball Radius in the contact details.

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