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Conducting bolted multipart body (metal + composite + polycarbonate parts) structural analysis

    • sinharoyarijit25

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to simulate static structural analysis on an assembly which has aluminium parts, polycarbonate(PC) parts and carbon-fibre composite parts bolted and glued together

      The Highlighted surfaces shown in in the 'Robotic...highlighted.png' are coming from 2 different ACP Pre models where I define their lamination and orientations, which are developed normal to those surfaces upto a thickness of 4mm. The original CAD model has 3D solid there. However, I have to put 2D (shell body) in ACP. So once I import the 2 composite parts into Ansys Mechanical, they have only surfaces in geometry, the thickness shows up after meshing.

      The problem here is that I cannot specify a contact surface (frictional /bonded) between the bolt head and the composite (since it has only 1 surface instead of 2 like in the CAD model). I want 1 surface of the composite body to be frictional with the soild PC part and the other surface to be frictional/bonded with bolt head, but currently, I lack 1 surface.

      Is there any way to get a 3D/solid body out of ACP (Transfer solid data option in ACP generates error only the shell one works)?

      I am new to composite structural analysis, so please let me know if I am missing something obvious/ conspicuous. Thank you.

      Would be grateful for any sort of help. Currently, I am able to run the model but by putting all the contacts as bonded, with no-seperation I get large delfections (rigid body type).

      I have included a snap of the boundary condition setup, I am using 3 step solver with program controlled auto time stepping and with weak springs on.

    • peteroznewman
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