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    • Crix00

      Hello guys,

      I´m trying to optimize an inductive power transfer system. I used Maxwell 3D with a transient solution type embedded into an external circuit. I need the external circuit to tune capacitors for resonance conditions. Whenever I try the validation process it tells me that there´s an error with my conduction path. However, Maxwell shows me a seemingly valid conduction path.

      In the pictures I added you can see my coil terminals (excited from the external circuit and both facing in the negative y-axis on the picture). You can also see my model so far with the secondary windings and the core, as well as the conduction path Maxwell shows me. 

      Does anyone have an idea what could cause this error to occur and how I could fix it? SInce both terminals are exactly placed on the wires and it´s a closed geometry I fail to realize what Maxwell´s problem is at all. What do I need to do in order to be able to start my simulation?


      Thanks in advance and best regardsSecondary Coil TerminalsSecondary Coil PathsSecondary Coil Full

    • mchristi
      Ansys Employee

      1) To check/verify conduction paths, please see online help topic: "Showing and Verifying Conduction Paths".

      2) If this does not help to identify the source the error with your geometry, you should consider redrawing the conductor using a 6- or 8-segment cross-section instead of a smooth circle. There is absolutely no reason to model a round conductor as smooth, in fact, we recommend that you do not do this.

      Please keep in mind that you should always try to create a geometry that is physically appropriate but as simple as possible.  Using segmented conductors instead of smooth is one way to accomplish this.  The resulting mesh will be much smaller, the model will solve more quickly and the results will have same (or even better) accuracy.

    • Crix00

      Hello thank you for your Reply.

      My Problem was that I had 2 excitations withing the Region which I now found out and fixed.

      Unfortunately trying to model it as a non smooth circle didn't show the results I hoped for. I already tried that beforehand. I thought this would reduce calculations time but somehow when I did this the programm was computing way longer whenever I changed a variable. Sometimes it even crashed after Long loading times. So I might Need help with that now. What could cause Maxwell to compute longer when using simpler geometry?


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