“Conduction Paths 1 is conditionally up-to-date” error?

    • Beowulf

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to simulate the inductance of a toroidal solenoid in Ansys Aim.

      I have a body made of copper and have defined a current + windings. In order to define my current, I bisected my body with a plane to expose inner faces, made the resultant halves part of one component, and chose two faces as the entry and exit points of the current. So far so good, I can generate conduction paths without any problem.

      It gets hairy when I try solving the physics. I get this error:

      "Conduction Paths 1 is conditionally up-to-date.

      1. Illegal inner terminal 'Current 1': An inner terminal must be a cross section of a 3D model object."

      Well--isn't that exactly what I have here?

      Someone with a similar problem last October reported: "The problem was, my enclosure had to be on the same plane as the part where I apply my current. After this was fixed, the model showed me the expected results!" I don't understand that. My enclosure (air) was automatically defined by Ansys, so I don't think that's my problem. Even if it were, I don't know how to make it be on the same plane as my current if it isn't already--it fully surrounds and encloses the solenoid as is.

      Any thoughts as to what I could be doing wrong? I would be extremely grateful for any pointers.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Beowulf nCan you try out defining the path using the cross-section option and see if that helps?n
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