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/CONFIG,NOELDB command is not valid in a Distributed ANSYS solution

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    • Patrik

      Hello each other

      I would like to write configuration parameter values to the database from a previous calculation.

      See APDL Command 

      /config, noeldb,0 

      in the solve.out file I get the following message. 

      *** NOTE *** CP = 1.328 TIME= 20:36:18
       The /CONFIG,NOELDB command is not valid in a Distributed ANSYS          
       solution.  Command is ignored. 

      My question is how do I make it so that the /CONFIG,NOELDB command is not ignored? 
      The second question is what does the CP = 1.328 mean? 

      I am using ANSYS WORKBENCH 2022 R1 ( student version )

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee






      As the message says:

      The /CONFIG,NOELDB command is not valid in a Distributed ANSYS          


      So as it is not valid with a distributed analysis do not use distributed perhaps. It is a note though. CP is related to the computational time (CPU time)

      All the best






    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee


      Hello Patrik,

      Just an additional reference:

      /CONFIG (

      where it says “Distributed-memory parallel DMP solutions use the default FSPLIT value and force NOELDB = 1 for all results files. You cannot change the FSPLIT and NOELDB options for a DMP solution.”

      Meaning :






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