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Configure high resolution display

    • AlexSzatmary

      I have a 4500x2000 display. Workbench shows some elements at half-size. What's the best way to make Workbench usable?

      I'm surprised that high resolution displays are not yet supported. This has been a problem for years. It's a serious issue in educational settings, where students need to configure lab machines and then reverse the change before they sign out.

      I have tried overriding resolution using the compatibility tool for Workbench and related executables. I also have tried dropping the overall system resolution to, say, 1920x1080.

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      I would recommend trying this to see if it helps:
      From Start Menu > ANSYS 2022 R1 > Right click on Workbench 2022 R1 > Open file location >Right click on Workbench 2022 R1 shortcut >Properties > Compatibility >Change highDPIsettings > Override high DPI scaling behavior settings > System (Enhanced) > Apply
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