Configure Parallel Computing Issues

    • Alejandro Villacampa

      Hello, I'm trying to simulate a fluid system using Ansys Fluent in student version. I want to use both my CPU and GPU (Intel Core I7 7700HQ and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050Ti). I already have project in workbench with all the data and the case configured, so starting fluent from it's launcher window I think is not an option. 

      In Fluent console, I tried using parallel/gpgpu/show and it shows my GPU but not selected (without a *). When I try using parallel/gpgpu/select, as I found on some forums, it gives me an error: invalid command [select].

      It really is not mandatory to use both CPU and GPU, as the system is not that complex and it doesn't require a lot of time to be calculated, but it would be nice if I could use all the power from my laptop.

      I'm using the last version of Ansys, 2023 R1.


      Hope someone can help me, thanks.

    • Vivek Praveen
      Ansys Employee


      Hi Alejandro
      With the new release (2023 R1), a new Native GPU solver has been introduced for Fluent. That means problems can now be run
      natively with available GPUs. But this feature is limited to Enterprise level licenses. More details about FLuent GPU can be found in
      the User's Guide.

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