Confinement factor calculations and equations mismatch

    • Chinna Devarapu


      Iam trying to calculate the confinement factor for my silicon waveguide through the "Power Impedance and Integration" option in FDE(Mode solutions). 

      In the integrate option, there are power and electric field intensity integration. 


      According to the equation of the confinement factor    the quanity integrated is the electric field intensity. So I used electric field intensity option for the core confinement and found the confinement factor to be 59.3%. But from the figure, we could guess that almost 80% is inside the core. But when I use power integration option, I get 84% which is more logical. But the equation tells to integrate field intensity.

      Which quantity should I integrate? Power or electric field intensity? The two figures are attached.


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Actually the confinement factor can be calculated by either the intensity of the power density.

      Therefore you can choose either of them.

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