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Confusion in lumerical documentation vs software parameters for fossum doping


    • Mariah Ha


      I kindly ask for clarification regarding this confusion in lumerical documentation vs software parameters. In the documentation "Semiconductor Material Model Properties" in charge solver documentation some coefficients are specified for the default Fossum model for doping correction in SRH recombination, for the carrier lifetime (see the picture attached for the text ) . However, in the software, the corresponding Fossum parameters given by default are not the same (see attached the screenshot). In fact , beta should be 1, and gamma should be zero if we follow the documentation.

      In this case, the equation obtained is the same luckily, but it could lead to some confusion.

      Please rectify this.

      Thank you.

      Attached files :

    • Khashayar Ghaffari
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will address this mismatch between default parameters and the documentation of it.
      As you mentioned, by setting either beta or gamma to 0 and the other to 1, the effective formula remains the same.
      Best regards
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