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confusion regarding “Vector_Jsurf” Plot in HFSS

    • mohan


      When I am exporting "Vector_Jsurf" using "fields calculator", It decomposes into three Complex Vectors [each has real and imaginary values].In the post processing, how can I get "Vector_Jsurf"  plot   using these three complex vectors, as like as HFSS "Vector_Jsurf"  plot?

      What is the equation behind for this calculation? Is it the  plot of only the real values of Jsurfx and Jsurfy? I am using matlab though. I want to get exactly the same plot as "Vector_Jsurf" plot as in HFSS. Same goes for "Vector_E" and "Vector_H" plot.




    • kthackst

      If you click on the Field Calculator (HFSS --> Fields --> Calculator) you can find "Named Expressions" in the upper left corner. Scrolling down, you can see the plotted quantity Vector_Jsurf is given by AtPhase(,Phase), which is plotting a complex vector at a particular phase. Since the imaginary component deals with phase, I'm assuming if you plotted the fields at phase = 0, you are visualizing the real component of the vector. The manual defines the AtPhase function as "Entering the phase angle lets you compute the real part of the field's magnitude at different points in its cycle.", which also suggests you are looking at the real component of the vector. 

      Hope that helps.

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