conical coordinate system for porous medium


    • sbh5655

      Hi, I am trying to create a model for cross-sectional ultrafiltration. I have a wall with finite thickness to represent the membrane. When I tried to make it a porous zone, I am not sure how I should set my direction vector using conical coordinate system. Can anyone explain how it works exactly? 

      I am really lost with the coordinate system, since my model is a cylinder, but I am using cartesian. Thank you!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If the wall is "thin" ie wall & wall shadow pair then you have a porous jump and there isn't a conical option.

      If you have a fluid region you will have access to the porous media model. The axis etc for the conical option is set in the cell zone refrence values: first tab in the cell zone, porous media is about the 4th tab. 

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