Conjugate heat transfer analysis on ic engine

    • Kiran Kumar KR

      Dear friends

      I am doing cht analysis on ic engine for this purpose i am using Ansys fluent but i couldn't able to create coupling file of format ".scp", i followed a tutorial on YouTube, tutor can able to produce ".scp"  but for my case it is disabled, i don't know why even though I followed the tutorial upto the point, please let me know how to overcome this problem

      Thank you 

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Kiran, 


      If you are exporting .scp file from Workbench-Fluent platform and experiencing issues, I suggest trying to export the same file using Fluent Standalone instead. This approach may help to resolve the issue you are facing. If this approach works for you, please let me know.




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