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Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis + Optimisation

    • Mitchell Porter-Keel

      Hi all, 

      Sorry for what is in all honesty a very simple question. Can Ansys Fluent do topology of thermal-fluid simulation? Im working on a generative design of a battery cold plate for my MEng thesis, and every software I've come across so far doesnt have the capability. (SimScale, SolidWorks, AutoDesk etc) 

      My generative design performance parameters are concerned with surface temperature variability, (so optimsation of fluid flow path) minimised pressure drop and a K/W parameter. 

      All help is massively appreciated as I've only worked on SW and AutoDesk the last few years and I am totally new to Ansys. 


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Short answer, yes. 

      Longer answer we have a few optimisation tools within Ansys, some in Fluent itself, others linked into WorkBench or Optislang. There are then a few extra tools that are available via partnerships rather than being owned by Ansys. 

      However.....  With a complex system I'd run a model first to see what's going on and to understand the flow field & temperature within the solid/fluid bits. Then look at what you can (and can't) alter. Adjoint might be a good idea to start with. 

      Have a look in Learning (left, near top) and in Fluent's Help system for tutorials and then the User's Guide to see what's available. 

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