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Connecting mesh modules

    • Hans95



      I have WB project, where I have multiple simulations (static structural modules) of the same analyzed assembly. Its the same geometry (same mesh), but different materials and for every material combination assembly are applied different loads.

      To this time I made one module, than I duplicated it and changed materials and loads. I want to automate as much as possible, because whenever I want to change something, I must change it in all modules. It's time consuming and there is high risk that I forget to change something.

      My goal is multiple static structural modules connected, so I have same geometry, mesh, contact, virtual cells, but different materials and different applied loads.


      Thank you in advance for your reply


      I'm using Ansys WB 2019 R3

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Once duplicated the systems would be independent of each other, what I can suggest here is have them connected with all having default materials assigned and then use the EMODIF command using a command snippet to change the material for each body in that command snippet.

      or depending on the changes in material properties and the number of materials used, you can parameterize the material properties in engineering data and change the parameters to assign different properties.


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    • peteroznewman

      To amplify Aniket's last suggestion...instead of changing materials,  just change the material property.

      For example Steel and Aluminum have very different values of Young's Modulus. Instead of changing the material from Steel to Aluminum, just have one material called EveryMaterial but make Young's Modulus a ParameterHere is another example.

      Now you can have a Parameter Set under all your models and you can go through the combinations in a spreadsheet.

      Do the same with the loads. Make the value a Parameter. Then you can manage it all in the Parameter Design Point spreadsheet.

    • Hans95

      Thank you for your answers. I have nearly no experience with commands, so maybe I'll use it when I learn about them. I looked on your links and I think, that I can utilize parameters sets.

      Best regards

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