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General Mechanical

Connection to ANSYS via CORBA break after executing solve in APDL

    • Yudi


      My name is Yudi. I am working on a thermodynamics simulation by programmign in APDL.

      The code runs well until it executes the 'SOLVE' command. The error information is as following:

      "EAnsysUnknown: AAS_CORBA.MAPDL.Exceptions.EAnsysUnknown(code=-15, description='Low-level communication error -15: Connection was closed', scope='MAPDL', interfaceName='ICoMapdlUnit', operation='executeCommand', moreInfo='SOLVE,')"

      Does anyone have any idea of what might cause this issue?

      Thanks a lot !

    • anlblk

      Hi, I have the same issue.

      Could you find a solution?

      Thanks, Regards



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