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Discovery Import

Connection to solver could not be ensured


    • sebastian.hoerteis


      I'm facing the issue that there is some kind of Connection Problem to the solver. I need to press solve physics before the Simulation actually starts running.

      Any help suggestions?


      Thx Sebastian

    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi Sebastian Hörteis

      Can you please share the error file.

      The error file (.err) is automatically created at the location where the model is saved. Please go to : filename_files > dpX > study > AIM > Physics folder and search for .err files. The file comprises of all warning and error messages encountered during the simulation and can be opened using notepad/word etc:


      The error file might have information on what posibly went wrong with the model.

      Also, can you please let me know if this problem is occurring with this model only or with every model on your machine.



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