Constraining rigid body dynamics in a flow-driven valve

    • ns778

      I'm trying to simulate the flow in a pipe containing a bi-leaflet valve whose movement (only the rotation angles of the leaflets) is driven by the flow. I'm using the Immersed Solid method for the moving bodies and the CFX Rigid Body solver for the moving leaflet.

      I don't know how to constrain the angles of the leaflet to just between the valve opening and closing angles (90 and 40 respectively). There are options to add external Forces/Torques on the Rigid Body leaflet domains using expressions but I'm not sure if this is how I can get more control over the valve. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated thanks. If I have to write my own rigid body solver, would this be a User Routine? Because I have read the Expressions can't access real-time results at the current iteration.

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