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CONTA174 and TARGE170

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      Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

      I am currently doing a simulation of a pull-out test on reinforced concrete.

      Various past studies have used CONTA174 and TARGE170 as elements at the interface between the rebar and concrete. However, I am struggling very much with the lack of information on the APDL description of these elements.

      Also, since I am a student licensee, I am unable to view some of the information on Therefore, it would be helpful if you could show me an example of an APDL in the form of a reply (or file transmission) to this submission. A simple text file would be fine.

      Thank you in advance for your time.

      Ayumu Yasue

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
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      Thank you
      Now that I know how to connect to under a student license, I think my analysis will proceed more smoothly than before.

      Meanwhile, I am currently working on a meso-scale reinforced concrete analysis. That is, I would like to do a rebar and concrete analysis in which the rebar elements are not line elements like in LINK180 or REINF264, but reproduce even the rib of the rebar.

      In "Local bond-slip numerical simulation based on ANSYS contact analysis (2011)," we have performed an bond analysis modeling the ribs. I would like to perform the same type of analysis as in this paper and would like to utilize CONTA174 and TARGE170.

      I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with an example of an APDL command description that would allow me to perform an analysis similar to the one in the above paper.
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