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      Respected experts I hope you are fine. I am working on simulation of bubble growth in a super heated domain. I would like to know about the contact angle that is mentioned in the wall adhesion panel when wall adhesion is turned on. In this panel the angle that is mentioned would be the angle between the interface and the phase that is present on the left side of wall adhesion panel. In my case with me the  vapor  is present with me on the left side of the panel. I would show it in here as well.




      Looking at the figure above if I give the value of contact angle as 110 in wall adhesion panel. Then the value of theta would be 110. Is it correct? Now in the literature that we see a static angle is present between the liquid and vapor phase.  Kindly can you let me know how can we incorporate the static angle. I am comparing my simulation with experiment but the rate of growth and shape of bubble is not adopting the experimental behavior. It is due to the contact angle. Kindly can you let me know how can we incorporate the static angle. 

      I would be thankful for guiding me.

      Thank You




    • DrAmine
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      The documentation is very clear about that and you have mentioned that. Consider a single wall and then build the line tangent to that shape of the buble now measure the angle within the left phase from wall to the tangent line.


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