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Discovery Import

Contact bodies and Target bodies in Discovery

    • kawabata
      Hello, In Ansys Workbench Mechanical, user can consider a body as target and another one as contact. How about Discovery? In Discovery, can user choose which body consider as target or contact? Does primary body or secondary body of Contact Review relate target or contact ? Thanks, Ichiro Kawabata
    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ichiro

      I don't think there is any control on defining target and contact body for any contact.

      I did a quick test and it appears that the body associated with the pink colored face of the contact is the Target body, whereas the other body is the Contact body. Please find attached a pdf which shows the contact faces from Discovery and Mechanical.

      The primary body filter of Contact review tool is used to review all contact pairs associated with that body. If you also select secondary body filter, it will help to review all contacts only between the primary body and the secondary body. These filters won't help to identify the target or contact bodies of contacts.

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      • kawabata

        Hello Naresh Patre ,

        Thank you for creating the document. I understood its behavior.

        Many thanks,


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