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Contact changing in roll bonding

    • ClementPrunier1

      Hello !

      I require your assistance for an issue in my modelisation :

      I am working on the simulation of a roll-bonding process, and I am trying to evaluate the extrusion pressure between hard parts.

      Here is my model to make it clearer :

      The grey roll does down on the yellow plate, and crushes it until 50% of its height. Then, it starts rolling, and the yellow plate is driven by the rotation, so that the grey roll reduce all the plate to 50% (same as a rolling process)


      Here I have only half of the problem, here is what I want to do and how I did it : The grey part is a rigid body, representing the other half of the problem.

      The small orange and green part represent the fragmented hardened layer : My goal is to evaluate the contact pressure of the yellow plate's extrusion on the grey body between those two small bodies.

      The rest of the hardened layer has been removed in order to get the contact pressure between yellow and grey everywhere.


      Here is the problem:

      When the roll crushes the yellow plate, I want this yellow plate to stick to the grey rigid body once it has been reduced to 50%, and for the rest of the simulation.

      My issue is that it doesn't stick, and deforms like this :

      I want the contact to be sliding but not separating between the yellow plate and the grey body.

      I have tried to put a "no separation" contact, but the simulation crashed as soon as the roll touches the yellow plate.


      I hope I have been clear enough for you to be able to help me.


      Thanks for your help,



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