Contact condition between fluid and wall (VOF model, Fluent)

    • nithin12


      I am trying to simulate the mucus removal process using Fluent.

      I used multiphase model (air+mucus), simulation is working fine for the no-slip condition. In the realistic case, mucus will stick to the airway (wall), is it possible to give some kind of friction condition between mucus (phase 2) and wall in Fluent ?. 

      I tried the specified shear option it is not working.  I searched the manual and found that, the wall can be modeled in the following ways (For VOF model, only adhesion contact angle option available,). 


      You will enter the following information for a wall boundary:

      -- wall motion conditions (for moving or rotating walls)

      -- shear conditions (for slip walls, optional)

      -- wall roughness (for turbulent flows, optional)

      -- thermal boundary conditions (for heat transfer calculations)

      -- species boundary conditions (for species calculations)

      -- chemical reaction boundary conditions (for surface reactions)

      -- radiation boundary conditions (for calculations using the P-1 model, the -- DTRM, the DO model, or the surface-to-surface model)

      -- discrete phase boundary conditions (for discrete phase calculations)

      -- wall adhesion contact angle (for VOF calculations, optional)

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      You cannot provide different wall conditions in VOF model. Either you use now the Eulerian Model so that you provide shear stress or use wall adhesion and provide an angle of adhesion. I guess mucus needs to be handled non Newtonian from viscosity perspective. Perhaps that is missing 2.
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