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Contact problem

    • Mahmoud_87

      Dear All, 

      I have a master case study as shown in for plate forming under dei progressed by LS DYNA, and I setup the contact as shown in the following Figure, but unfortunatly the two parts don't contact each other. The forming dei penetrate the plate.


    • Andreas Koutras
      Ansys Employee


      Is the thickness of the metal sheet shells very small? A small shell thickness can cause the contact to be released before expected. You can try to increase the contact stiffness by setting SOFT=1 in the *CONTACT optional card A, set the scale factors SFS and SMF to a low value (such as 1e-12), and increase the SOFSCL to 0.4. Otherwise, try with the segment-based contact invoked by SOFT=2. Details are available in the LS-DYNA Theory Manual under Section 29.7.

      Note that AUTOMATIC contacts account by default for the shell thickness offset. 

      Contact examples are available here:



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