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Contact region problem

    • dariomnava

      Hi all,

      I am trying to simulate a structure which consists of a lot of plates and structural elements. However, when I am trying to run the simulation I get the error "If one or more parts of the model are held together only by contact verify that the contact surfaces are closed. Also make sure that there are constraints (or friction) in the sliding direction even if no load is applied in that direction"

      My concern is that it may be caused by open contact status between the elements. I used the contact tool and I got a lot of open contacts (for example contact region 19). Between these two bodies there is another plate which is 50mm thick and I do not understand why the software detects a possible contact

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      If these pairs were automatically generated and you do not want them in the model, you can tighten the Auto Detection Tolerance in the details window under the Contacts folder and regenerate to eliminate unwanted pairs or you could just manually delete the unwanted pairs.
      If you want to keep them as bonded, but ignore the gaps, you need to increase the pinball radius for each pair in question to a value that envelops the gap.
      If you want to keep them but account for the gaps in the analysis, you need to change the Contact Type to a nonlinear behavior ( i.e. frictional or frictionless).
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