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Contact status between thin surface and solid

    • Hex_screw

      Greeting everyone,

      I am looking for advice to chose the right approach here. I have 2 steel frames, the bottom one fixed and the top one rotating, thanks to a bunch of roller bearings. The load applied on the top frame is not evenly applied, and I want to see check the results at the contacts of the rollers.

      My model is a mix of midsurface and solid. All H-beams are mid-surfaced, the rollers are solid, and also a very thin surface (6mm) I chose to keep as a solid (a plate at the bottom of the top frame, where the rollers are touching. Therefore the contact is frictional between 2 solids, and lead me to set a fine mesh on those parts, costing a lot of nodes. First I was wondering if setting my thin plate as a mid-surface also would prevent a detailed analysis of contacts or not.

      The issue I have is that after loads are applied, only 2 out of 32 rollers seem in contact, with a status "sliding" all others status "near". In my contacts setup I chose "adjust to touch" and my initial contact status closed. Is my issue the mesh quality, or am not using the contact tools appropriately ?




    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      What would happen if instead of using adjust to touch you apply the load and let the contact take place based on force application? Also, please check you have defined sufficient pinball for contact to take place.



      Ashish Khemka

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