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Contact status has experienced an abrupt change. How serious is this warning?

    • fea11

      Contact status has experienced an abrupt change. Check results carefully for possible contact separation. I checked my results after Solution, but couldn't find any contact separation. I also did a contact check before and after the solution, but there is no change. How serious should I take these warnings? Are these stress results reliable?

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee

      The "contact status has experienced an abrupt change" is a warning message, which tells the user that the contact status is rapidly changing between "closed" and "far open" without going through the status "near open". A more stable solution could be reached if the contact is changed between "closed" and "far open" via "near open". This warning message usually does not cause a problem when solving a model. But it could indicate that the model could have "open" contacts or rigid body motion. Could you please check your model to make sure the model has no rigid body motion and all contacts in the model are closed? The initial contact status can be found by inserting a contact tool and then generating initial contact information under Connections.

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