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Contact type for Tapped Screw holes

    • Sara


      I'm working on a model which has bunch of screws in it. If you look at the Image below the green is the screw, the orange and the blue are the 2 separate parts basically the orange part is being sandwiched between the screw and the blue part. I know that when assigning a contact the dia of the smooth surface of the screw and the dia of the hole should be the same and a Bonded type contact is assigned between the blue part and the screw shank while the bottom surface of the screw head and the top surface of the orange part is assigned to frictional.

      but my question here is the blue part has a tapped screw hole which is more elliptical shape while the scew is more of a circular shape. I really do not want to change the shape of the elliptical tapped screw hole to circular as I want to see how are the stresses are in blue part (or is it the best way to change the dia of screw hole to dia of screw? if so would there by any drastic changes in the part?)  How do I make this possible that there are no interferences or penetrations that would make it difficult for ansys to run the problem.

      Dia of screw is 0.250in and the measurements of screw hole in the picture are all in inches. 

      Please Suggest, Thank you!!

    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Sara,

      You can remove any interference etc. from the model and then try running a model with coarse mesh for a quick solution and see if the behavior is as expected or not. Are you interested in thread modeling - because you are concerned about thread profile circular or helical? If not then the above approach can be used.



      Ashish Khemka

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