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Contacts/Named selection become invalid when I connect multiple ACP to a single static structure

    • dislv

      Hi, I am trying to connect different ACP systems to a single static structure. I connected the first three systems, and everything was fine once I connect the fourth system the contacts and the named selection from two of the system becomes invalid. I tried to connect everything again in a new static structural still the same problem. If I delete the connection from the last system everything becomes valid again.

      I have attached some images for reference.

      Can someone help me out with this?


    • April Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Could you provide what version of the Workbench are you using. Also, is it a student version? I tried to reproduce the issue in 2022 R1 with a simpler model containing contacts and beam connections, but I couldn't.
      One thing you can try is to clear the setup to regenerate and try again. Right click on ACP setup cell and clear generated data, do for all systems and then update then all then check the downstream model, or they can update one at a time to see if still breaks down on the 4th one.


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