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Contacts – Question

    • Margo2018


      Tell me, please, how to connect the I-beam and the plate correctly?

      When calculating, it gives an absolutely incorrect result. I think the problem is this connection. I pointed in "Contacts" - No separation and create "Joint". Is it ok?


      Contact -No SeparationContact- Joint

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      You either need to create a Contact OR a Joint between the two. There is no need to create both. A Fixed joint seems like a good option if there is no relative movement between the I-beam and plate. A "No Separation" contact means that there is no separation between the two in the normal direction, but there can be relative sliding. What behavior do you want? If there is absolutely no relative motion between the two, a Bonded contact may be used.

      What do you mean by "incorrect results"? What was the expected result and what did you get from the current analysis? Please elaborate a bit on the boundary conditions and the relative motion between the I-beam and the plate.


    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee

      Between contact-no-separation and bonded joint you only need one of them. Either of them should work in your case. 




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