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Continuity scaled residual exceeds 1 in complex multiphase flow

    • Azim Arshad

      Hi. I am doing a multiphase simulation where I am looking at the dispersion of mercury particulates within a gas mixture. The model I am using is the Eulerian Multiphase Model where the gas mixture is modeled as Species Transport Model Mixture and the mercury particulates is modeled as granular. This simulation is done in Fluent.

      The continuity residual that I get cannot converge to 1e-3 (at least) and the value stays at around 3.5. I have tried to change the discretization scheme to a higher-order scheme and use a finer mesh, but the continuity residual value does not improve.

      My questions:

      1. Is the simulation result acceptable in a sense that you can get the physical gist of the case, but not the exact values?

      2. What can I do to lower the residual?


    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, it will be difficult to pin point the reason without looking at the entire setup. 

      You can just simplify the problem, lighten the calculation and check for the underlying reason why the mass is not getting conserved.

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