Contour Diagram Issue

    • mahmooz1


      I'm working on a transient closed loop project. I've imposed UDF's as BC's(pressure jump) at certain locations. I've used a conversion factor of 133.3 to switch (mmhg to pa) since the functions are in mmhg. I have five Bc's. One bc is with pressure fluctuation range of (10 : 78 mmhg) . The other two bc are around 17 mmhg, and the last two are around 12 mmhg, but the contour diagram attached below does not show these values in it (i.e the contour diagram shows small scale of values). I got the desired volume flow rate correctly, but I need to check the pressure before and after the BC's locations. I cannot figure out the correct pressure values with this scale.

      Could you please walk me through this issue?

      Thanks in advance!!

    • Raef.Kobeissi

      Can you please upload the UDF file (notepad text file if possible)


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