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Contour Result

    • Mae Kristine Labendia


      I would like to ask why do my contour results appears to be same color. I inputted 573K in the inlet and outlet result is 605K. I tried how many times to do it but it same scenario. I think there`s maybe something wrong with my input. Blue arrow is my fluid, red arrow is the portion of pipe and the thickest part with black arrow is soil part.


      Here are the conditions I`ve made.



      On meshing named selections


      My simulation appears to be converged but in my console there`s a note that appears below.


      Thank you so much in advance for your help

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      When displaying a contour, the difference between 573K and 605K may appear small within the existing temperature band. I suggest trying to manually adjust the range for better visualization.


      Regarding the message in the console, check this forum discussion: zone-surface: cannot create surface from sliding interface zone. (ansys.com)



    • Mae Kristine Labendia

      Hi Nikhil Narale,

      Thank you for your prompt reply. Will try your advise to manually adjust visualization. 

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