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Contraction – connection line

    • Giorgia Prosperi


      I'm trying to make the contraction of this (flexible) pill-structure with two symmetrical plins (rigid bodies).
      To generate the contraction I'm imposing an ambient temperature of 0 and applying a temperature decrease from 0 to -T_final.
      The problem I am having is at the joining line of the structure/geometry. Although I have inserted a bounded contact between the geometries, I seem to see inconsistencies in the connection line up to a separation of the parts.


      First stress distribution:


      Final stress: 

      How could i solve this problem?

      Thank you,


    • Saurabh Patil
      Ansys Employee


      1. Try checking if you have proper edge contact by selecting the Display tab>> Edge >> By Connection.   
      2. If you have a shell model with 2D elments you can ensure proper connection by using shared topology instead of contact definition.You can perform shared topology between the edges from Spaceclaim in Workbench tab. 



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