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Control digits after decimal points in APDL

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      The DSIGNF argument on the /FORMAT command controls how many digits after the decimal points are listed. The default value is 5. You may also need to modify the NWIDTH argument. The /GFORMAT command is used to controls the format of the graphical display of numbers.

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      How to control digits after decimal points in APDL?

    • pneumann

      sorry, I don't get it :-/

      In the command (inserted in the solution section), I write


      with empty spaces for the values that I don't want to change?

      even if I fill the other spaces with numbers (in each range according to ), the command doesn't work.

      I'm new to working with APDL commands, but neither hours of reading forums and tutorials nor trying out in ANSYS WB helped me to get any further

      I might have made some basic mistake, forgot some executive command or so. Could you please show me the correct way?

      Thankful, Patrick!

    • Sean Harvey
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, Can you share what you are trying to format. Is it the printed listing from say the prnsol command or the like?  






      In the example above it will change the number of digits for the listing of the node or element number (integer).

      You would then need to specify the next field Fype which controls the floating point results such as stress, displacement, etc.

      Please try and let us know.


      Thank you




    • pneumann

       I defined joints in a beam model.

      So for example joint A, a general joint between two line bodies with free Z rotation.


      To get the resulting forces in joint A, I use "Joint Probes", Total Force

      displayed in the Detail section above and the Tabular Data:


      So now I have 5 significant digits shown in the results. Of course I could increase the number of significant digits to get more digits after decimal point (dadp). But then the number of dadp will always be dependent on how much digits are in front of the decimal point.

      I'd prefer to have a consistent number of dadp in my results, for all joint probes.

      The propper way seems to be the /format command, but i have no exact idea how to apply this on the joint probe results.

      Something in this direction:



      Thanks for your help!


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