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Control program .ctl files ANSYS Maxwell 2D transient

    • Charles2718


      ANSYS Maxwell allows you to use an external control program to control the simulation process. The setting is in Maxwell2D / Analysis Setup / Add Solution Setup / Advanced / Control Program. Here you can specify the location of your own .exe file, which communicates with Maxwell through the user.ctl, solution.ctl and previous.ctl files.

      I would like to create my own executable which will read data from solution.ctl and previous.ctl and on that basis will update user.ctl, which will be read again by Maxwell. But first I need to know where user.ctl should be located so Maxwell can read it and from where I can read the contents of solution.ctl and previous.ctl with my control program.

      I have read all about this in Maxwell help (ANSYS 2019R3) on page 1209/3024 (Using a Control Program in Transient Solutions), but I couldn't find any information about the suggested path to .ctl files. Next I would like to ask about the structure of .ctl files. In Maxwell help page 1211 there is a suggested format for user.ctl file:











      stop <0 or 1>




      My questions: 1) What is WindingSrc? 2) What if I don't want to specify WindingR and WindingL because I use external circuit excitation and want Maxwell to calculate these values? What should I fill in as a value then? 3) What do the three dots on the next lines mean? Is it that there will be data belonging to the windings with another winding_name?


      Thank you for any suggestions


    • fabriciosfalsin
      Hi, Charles! Did you were able to use control program in transient analysis in Ansys Maxwell?n
    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Charles,n The user.ctl and other .ctl are located and saved in the .pjt folder of Temp for each calculation, that could be found in Options> General Options> General> Directories. However, Maxwell will delete the .pjt folder automatically to save the disk space. For debugging, we could set an Environment Variable to preserve the temp files. n       It is "PRESERVE_SOLVER_FILES = 1", but we have to be careful because those temp files are numerous and can be large and they don’t get erased. So that can fill the disk pretty rapidly. After that, we could delete this Env to avoid saving many files in the Temp.n Here is some information for the questions.n 1). Use WindingSrc to set Excitation of current or voltage in Maxwell model. If you use the external circuit, we will not use it.n 2). WindingR and WindingL are for resistance and inductance values in Excitation. We already have them in the external circuit.n 3). For dot, we have some commands not listed here. Please ask the Ansys support team which function you need and sorry, we do not have a full command list yet. We do not have other commands for the Excitation.n Thanks.n n
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