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3D Design

Controlling Sheet Metal Form Tool Parameters in Spaceclaim as Groups

    • Drish


      I am using Spaceclaim with ANSYS 19.1 and I am trying to design a heat exchanger with louvered fins. To do this I am creating an individual rectangular body and adding rounded louvers to it with the form tool for sheet metal, as shown in the photo. The louvers have parameters on them including H, D1, D2, R1, and R2. 

      What I wish to do is add these form tool parameters to the group tab, so that I can control these parameters in my simulations.

      Importing the body into DesignModeler, then exporting back to Spaceclaim I am able to Pull the fillets each louver and create a group for the fillet measurement, controlling that parameter, but for the H (Height) and D1, D2 distance parameters, I am not able to modify.

      Is there any way to add the form parameters as controllable parameters within ANSYS workbench?

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