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Convergence Error-Criesfield shows Gamma too large?

    • Venugopalb

      Hello experts,

      I am doing nonlinear buckling analysis with material and geometric nonlinearity using ARCLEN method. It doesn't get convergence and shows the following Error.


      Do you know what goes wrong?

      Also, Id shows crisfield shows Gamma is too large, what is Gamma?


      Thanks in advance




    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      You can refer to the ANSYS theory Help and this particular reference:

       M.A. Crisfield. “A fast and incremental/iterative solution procedure that handles snap-through”. Computers & Structures. Vol. 13. 55–62. 1981.

      It is hard to debug just from that, but the suggestions provided in this discussion still hold.

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