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convergence issue in the mechanical side of a FSI problem

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      I am simulating the behavior of a building in two perpendicular directions through nonlinear springs that are attached to a rigid box (please see the attached figure). The box is located on a spherical joint. 

      I intend to couple this model with Ansys Fluent later on to take into account FSI using system coupling capability in workbench. That is why I chose flexible behavior for the box (since rigid surfaces were not accepted as valid options for FSI). However, in order to get rigid behavior, I increased the modulus of elasticity of the flexible body. 

      I am now not able to get convergence in Transient structural and I think it is because of the rigid motion of the box since I get the warning "not enough constraints ... to prevent rigid body motion". 

      I don't understand why it is not converging since I don't have a problem in the modal and static analyses. I would appreciate it if any one can help me with this. 





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