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Convergence issues after changing boundary condition from displacement to force

    • kaushal.21910939

      Hello Ansys users,

      currently I am working on static structural analysis of a double ferrule pipe fitting, Initially I had boundary condition of displacement which is given to the nut in the assembly. That run was successful, but after that, boundary condition was updated and I got values of force instead of displacement. Keeping all other boundary conditions same, I applied the force values instead of displacement and after that the simulation started to behave weirdly. The nut is somehow flying away from the assembly in the opposite direction. I tried giving frictionless supports to the nut so it doesn't fly away but still encountering same problem. I am attaching some snaps from the run and the project archive as well.

      Displacement Boundary condition:

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee
      Hi It is very often that displacements give much better convergence in nonlinear FEA than applied forces do, so I would stay with that displacement.

      You can see the applied force by inserting a reaction result scoped to that that applied displacement (set to location method -> boundary condition, and location method ->Displacement).
      Or it is a simple as dragging the displacement object, down to the Solution/Results on the tree in the mechanical user interface.

      All the best
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