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General Mechanical

Convergence problem during debonding of Hyperelastic Material using CZM model

    • Facheng Zhao


      I have faced convergence issues for debonding the interface between hyperelastic material and elastic material using the CZM model.

      I apply displacement boundary conditions (displacement 2 (label B) and fixed support (label A)), and the CZM model between the top and middle layer interface for a three-layered structure. It is a 2D plane strain model. A bonded condition is established between the top and middle layer interface, shown in the red color line below


      The middle layer material is modeled as a hyperelastic material, and the fracture of the bonded surface is defined as CZM, as shown below

      After solving the last time step, where the detachment occurs, the elements in the middle layer are violated in the total deformation result, as shown below


      May I ask about how to solve this kind of problem? 


      Thank you. 


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      Can you try nonlinear adaptive meshing for the last loadstep to help manage this distortion?  Also, perhaps you need to add a nonlinear contact to capture the elastomer wrapping aroung the corner as it distortorts locally.

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