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Convergence problem when using temperature dependent yield stress – additive manufacturing

    • xaj5003

      Hello everybody, 


      I am working on simulation an additive manufacturing process using APDL. My mechanical simulation converges with no problem when I use a constant yield stress, but when I use temperature dependent values the simulation does not converge due to high deformations with some elements. I am trying to match XRD stress measurements and when I use a constant yield I do not get accurate values. The yield values range from 450 MPa at room temperature to very low values at or above the melting point of the material. 

      The mechanical solution would not go past the first step so I tried using the stabilize function with a value of 1000. This fixed the problem during the deposition part of the simulation (additive manufacturing - using birth and death technique) but during cooling the model still did not converge due to large distortions.  

      Any ideas on how to deal with this? Do I keep playing with stabilize and making the value larger?  Do you guys usually enter the mechanical properties as found via experiment or adjust them? 

      Note: Due to the nature of the work, I cannot share the simulation files


      thanks in advance 

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